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Privacy Statement

Collection of personal information

When you complete TestMe, UNSW will collect and hold personal information relating to you. Personal information collected at the University of New South Wales ("UNSW") is handled in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) ("the Act"). This Privacy Statement describes the ways in which UNSW deals with personal information and other data collected through TestMe.

We take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information we collect about you is stored securely. We are required by law to retain records for certain periods of time depending on the type of record. We have appropriate systems and policies in place to protect your information from loss, unauthorised access and misuse.

In addition to collecting the information you provide directly through completing TestMe, the University will also utilise some background data relating to you via the information you have previously provided to the University, such as your student number, course, age and gender).

If you do not wish for us to collect certain information about you, you need to tell us.

Use and Disclosure

Your personal information will be used by the staff at Student Life and Learning at UNSW for the purpose of identifying trends and patterns in relevant issues identified by you and other students and for directly related purposes in ways that you would reasonably expect. Reports that are generated using information provided by you will contain information that is de-identified and will not assess individual circumstances. 

It is not intended that the personal information you provide through the TestMe tool will be disclosed to any recipients outside of UNSW. However, information may be shared with external agencies (for example, with the development team(s) for the purpose of modifying and improving the TestMe tool) in the future in a de-identified manner. In general, information provided will be analysed according to trends and cohorts rather than on an individual basis so that privacy and confidentiality is maintained.

UNSW may be required to disclose some personal information to Courts or Tribunals, or to State or Commonwealth government agencies to comply with other laws, for example for mandatory reporting to agencies such as theDepartment of Human Services.  Your personal information may also be required as evidence in court if the University is subpoenaed.

The University may disclose personal information in exceptional circumstances if it is considered imperative for reasons of health and safety.

We may use your personal information to contact you regarding satisfaction surveys that help us to evaluate and improve our services.

We will seek your consent prior to the use or disclosure of your personal information for purposes other than those listed above.

The provision of information to UNSW for the TestMe Tool is voluntary. No law requires you to provide any personal information to UNSW for this purpose. If you do not complete TestMe, then it will not have any implications for your enrolment or progression through your program. However, if you do not complete TestMe then you will not receive a Results Sheet showing your test results in each category you have chosen.

Access to your information

You may have access to the information you provide to UNSW through TestMe upon request in writing to the Director, Office of the DVC-(A), Student Life and Learning Team, Building C22, Ground Floor, Kensington Campus. You will need to provide proof of identification.

Access to your personal information may be declined in special circumstances, such as where giving access would put you or another person at risk of harm.

Contact us

Further information on privacy at UNSW is available at http://www.privacy.unsw.edu.au, including the UNSW Privacy Management Plan (pdf). If you have questions or a complaint about the privacy of your personal information, please contact the UNSW Privacy Officer by email: privacy@unsw.edu.au or phone: (02) 9385 2860.

Copyright statement

Generally, copyright in all information provided to you through the TestMe tool will be owned by UNSW.

However, some of the information that will be provided to you through the TestMe tool contains links to other websites. Copyright in the material provided through the links is owned by the relevant copyright owner, not by UNSW.  There is no connection between the owner of the link and UNSW.

Please contact the TestMe team at testme@unsw.edu.au if you require any assistance.